I would not like to touch with words so nonverbal for me area of painting for two reasons.
Firstly, all those images of  space and colour harmony came to me from night fantasies. I didn’t define the goal  to explain them to me. I am an moderator artist, who lets things  runthrough myself. I am not a writer of publicist. I let into myself what  is wandering in the air today and I subdue it to my own aesthetics.
Secondly, I would like have ingenuous perception of the audience, not after the comments on the plate.
Someone will  see politics: black silhouettes in yashmaks might look ominous. Let it be!
Someone will see decline of post-Christian world, exhaustiveness of Hellenistic tradition and “fresh blood” of the Muslim culture - let it be!
Someone – an image of the women from two different cultures and their solitude (owing to  different reasons: enslavement by dogmata and egoistic feminism). Let it be!
Someone - deserted spaces like devastation everything or human-shell-statue-yashmak inside of which is emptiness and inevitability of the end. Let it be!
Someone might see something more optimistic... Okay!
As for me, in the first place this is experience in such abstract concept as colour, space, stains, masses – aesthetics! in short.​

© 2020 Федора Акимова